“Duncan helped me maximize my fitness in a restrictive time frame after some injury and sickness setbacks, and I won my first national title under the program. He was an absolute pro and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for that performance edge or even to improve their game after hitting a training plateau that often happens in endurance sports.”

-Seamus M., Corporate Lawyer

“Duncan’s indoor rowing coaching and leadership provide the framework and inspiration for groups of us to scientifically test our limits and achieve peak fitness all the while changing it up and keeping it interesting! Count yourself fortunate if you can work out with Duncan!

–Susan B., Investment Banker, mother of 2

Having never rowed in my life, I joined Duncan’s classes a year ago when my orthopedist said not to run anymore. I thought I’d learn the technique in a week and then row in my own. I stayed with the classes because I found Duncan to be a great motivator. A year later, Duncan is still improving my technique; I’ve lost 20 pounds; and my wife says I’m in the best shape of my life.

– Ron M., Controller

I think this helped me a lot. I learned I can improve and how to work myself hard. You were very motivating!

- Nick B., 9th grader

“I learned the importance of stretching one’s body out after tough workouts.”


- Gabe A. 9th grader

"Duncan's workouts are first rate."


-Ted P., Architect