Sunday Feel The Wheel Circuit Training 

What: Circuit Training

Where: The Garage (2955 Geary Blvd.)

When: Sundays at 11:30am-12:30pm (on hold until CA allows)

Who: Youth Athletes and Active Adults

Torn from the pages of my US Rowing team days, this circuit training blends vigorous cardio and functional training into a fun and challenging workout. Build your aerobic capacity and change your body composition.


“The Main thing I got out of this was how to push myself and work hard while not hurting my body.”

- Charlie G. 14 yrs.

Why Youth Performance Training?

Research has shown that developing athletes at this age need to focus 20%-30% of their training to body development and maintenance. Loosely translated this means teaching and developing a variety of skills such as flexibility, strength endurance and speed to meet their anatomical/biological development and avoid early injury.

Whether it is soccer, basketball, baseball, rowing, cross country, tennis, or lacrosse, your son or daughter will be better developed both mentally and physiologically to play sports with better awareness of themselves, their potential, and better prepare their mind and body to staying with their sport with long term excellence rather than experience short term burnout.

Available for One on One or Group Training.


Adult Personal & Small Group Training

I provide a personal one-to-one, or small group personal fitness training sessions to build strength, lose weight, increase overall aerobic conditioning, develop stronger core, extended mobility and better flexibility. I offer class at Paul Goode field. I am also available for 1 hr-1.5 hr. sessions and can meet you at your desired location or at Synergy on North Point Rd. in San Francisco. I pride myself on providing efficient, "rehabilitate" smart training so you get a highly efficient training session that meet your goals and then some!

High-Performance Training for Rowers

Give your student-athlete the extra edge with advanced stroke technique and erg training programs to get them rowing with more efficiency.

Whether it is your son/daughters 1st year of rowing, or if they are looking to vastly improve technique, improve fitness, or achieve their personal best on the 2K score to improve their chances of rowing at a top tier college/university, I can help. I provide personal attention to their technique coupled with a comprehensive personalized training program to get them rowing better, stronger and with more efficiency. 



“Duncan helped me maximize my fitness in a restrictive time frame after some injury and sickness setbacks, and I won my first national title under the program. He was an absolute pro and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for that performance edge or even to improve their game after hitting a training plateau that often happens in endurance sports.”

- Seamus M. Masters Rower