Bringing overall muscular and functional training development to young athletes. The objective is to have young athletes develop Power, Speed and Strength so they are pre...
Youth Strength & Conditioning Training
1 h 15 min
One to one personal training to lose weight, tone and gain muscle, strength, and increase aerobic capacity.
Adult Personal Training
1 h 15 min
Sundays at 11:30 am Open to all fitness levels. Created for Adults and youth athletes. Torn from the pages of US National Team winter endurance training that holds a uniq...
Circuit Sunday Drop-In Purchase (Single)
1 h
Tuesday & Friday at 8:30 am. Group Circuit training for ladies at Paul Goode Field. Look to unlock your potential and create tone, and strength to better your game and yo...
Women Warriors SF - Drop-in Purchase
1 h
Ter, Sex
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